About DocNet

Who we are

DocNet is the first and only student network for doctoral students, Ph.D.s and postdoctoral scholars at the University of St.Gallen.

DocNet, the club for doctoral students at HSG, was established by a group of doctoral students of different research departments. Since its founding in spring of 2001, DocNet became the largest club at HSG with now over 1’000 members. At the same time it is the largest doctoral club of its kind in the German-speaking region. Our network comprises doctoral students, Ph.D.s and postdoctoral scholars with different academic backgrounds (e.g. economists, legal scholars, engineers, computer scientists etc.) and various nationalities. Members are either current research assistants, external Ph.D. students or doctoral alumni.

Our mission

Our organization strives to establish and develop a networking platform for doctoral students, Ph.D.s, postdoctoral scholars and Ph.D. alumni at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), promote personal contacts among members with cultural and social activities, and intensify interdisciplinary knowledge transfer by:

  • offering lectures with academics and practitioners from various backgrounds,
  • organizing the annually DocNet Management Symposium and
  • maintaining close ties with business practice.

History of DocNet

In 2021, DocNet celebrated its 20-year anniversary! Here’s the DocNet history over the years, including newsworthy highlights and a timeline of milestones since 2001.

2001: Founding of DocNet – Doctoral Network at the University of St.Gallen

DocNet, the club for doctoral students, post-docs, and doctoral alumni at HSG, was established in 2001 by a small group of doctoral students from different research departments.

2002: First DocNet Symposium

DocNet’s annual Symposium was established in 2002. The DocNet Symposium sheds lights on socially pertinent issues from various angles. The event offers a balanced mix of interdisciplinary discussion, top-notch key notes and workshops, and critical reflection. At the same time, it promotes the dialogue between active PhD students, established scientists, and distinguished practitioners.

2019: DocNet counts 1’000 members

In 2019, DocNet breached the sonic barrier by welcoming its 1’000th member. Today, DocNet has over 1’100 members including current PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, and doctoral alumni.

2021: 19th DocNet Symposium — 4th November 2021

Since the inception in 2002, DocNet annually organized its Symposium. The next installment of the flagship event will be on the 4th of November 2021.

2021: 20 years DocNet — Jubilee Celebration

In 2021, DocNet celebrated its 20-year anniversary. To mark the occasion, DocNet, in collaboration with the Doctoral Alumni Club (DAC), organized an anniversary event in November to celebrate two decades of interdisciplinary exchange, networking, and memorable experiences. In addition to an exclusive HSG Learning Center tour, a discussion on intergenerational learning between doctoral alumni and current PhDs was encouraged. The event was concluded with a celebratory jubilee apéro.

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